Restoration Conference 2021

Date: Saturday June 26, 2021
Location: Meridian, Idaho

To All Restoration Branches,

It is with great excitement that we announce the Fourth Annual Restoration Conference! It was only 201 years ago, in the month of March, that Joseph Smith knelt in humble prayer to ask God a question, and in response, the heavens opened and God revealed himself again to man. What a glorious event that was and what a wondrous movement it began.

The Restoration of the Gospel began in earnest with Joseph Smith and the First Vision, but it continues on today. There is much work left to be done to fulfill the prophecies outlined in the Book of Mormon and other scripture. The Marvelous Work and Wonder must continue to completion, which will require the faith, prayers, cooperation and action of all who look to Joseph Smith as the Lord’s messenger of the restoration.

We, as the scattered branches of the Restoration must not believe that the Restoration is finished… that the work is done. God needs a united group of people ready and willing to hear His voice, recognize his Servants, and finish the work.

Coming together in unity of purpose as various branches of the Restoration demonstrates our willingness to put the Lord’s purposes above whatever differences may have existed in the past. The LDS, Community of Christ, Church of Christ Temple Lot, Church of Jesus Christ (Monongahela, PA), JCRB, and other varying branches must look back to their past and remember their beginnings as one group united in Christ…looking forward to and preparing for His coming in great glory.

So with this goal in mind, we invite all branches of the Restoration to please join us this year for the Fourth Annual Restoration Conference held on Saturday June 26, 2021 in Meridian, Idaho!