What Unites Us is Greater Than What Divides Us

Date: Saturday June 8, 2019
Location: Boise Idaho

To all Restoration Branches:

We are delighted to invite all churches, branches, and groups everywhere, with ties to the original restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith, to participate in a gathering to promote understanding and fellowship.

It is indeed an exciting time for us as great light is available and increasing, but darkness is also answering in kind. It is our hope that after 175 years of incongruity and separation, we can come together in love and unity, and celebrate our similarities. We hope that we can meet together, bringing open hearts and minds, and learn from one another. We see no reason to fear different ideas, traditions, or beliefs, but desire to celebrate our common roots and hopes for Zion.

This conference is open to all people who rejoice in the Gospel of Jesus Christ restored through Joseph Smith. We, a group of fellow believers in Boise, are hosting this one-day conference, and inviting speakers from all the various groups who wish to participate. The purpose is not to evangelize or convert one another, but rather to understand one another and seek common ground. We will also worship through hymns and music, and a fellowshipping potluck dinner after the meeting at a local park.

We look forward to increased understanding and friendship between the various groups, based on our shared beliefs.