First Vision Bicentennial Celebration

Date: Saturday June 20, 2020
Location: Meridian, Idaho

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To All Restoration Branches:

2020 marks the 200th anniversary of the First Vision. Two hundred years ago, in the early spring of 1820, a young boy took the message found in scripture to heart and faithfully went to the woods to seek an answer from God. The event that followed would forever change the history of the world. The heavens were opened and God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph in answer to his humble prayer. This event marked the beginning of a new era in which God once again speaks to man. 

Regarding a different, later vision, Joseph once commented, “I could explain a hundred fold more than I ever have, of the glories of the Kingdoms manifested to me in the vision, were I permitted, and were the people prepared to receive it, the Lord deals with this people as a tender parent with a child, communicating light and intelligence and the knowledge of his ways, as they can hear it.”

Will we hear what Joseph has to say?

The heavens are indeed open again and the dispensation of the fulness of time is upon us.

We are excited to celebrate this world-changing event by inviting the various branches of the Restoration to come together in remembrance of the First Vision. We look forward to hearing from a variety of speakers speaking on the First Vision and other topics related to the Restoration. 

Please join us this year for the third annual Restoration Conference held on Saturday June 20, 2020 in Boise Idaho!

We are delighted to invite all churches, branches, and groups everywhere, with ties to the original restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith, to participate in a gathering to celebrate the miracle of the first vision.

This conference is open to all who rejoice in the Gospel of Jesus Christ restored through Joseph Smith. We, a group of believers in Boise, are hosting this one-day conference, and inviting speakers from all the various Restoration groups who wish to celebrate the events of the restoration. The purpose is not to evangelize or convert one another, but rather to understand one another and celebrate our common roots, beginning 200 years ago. We will also worship through hymns and music, and a fellowshipping potluck dinner after the meeting at a local park.

We look forward to increased understanding and friendship between the various groups, based on our shared beliefs.