Schedule and Speakers

Saturday June 26, 2021

Silverstone Plaza
3405 E. Overland Road
Meridian, Idaho 83642

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, with potluck gathering at a local park after.


8:30Doors Open
9:00Conference Begins: Welcome by Tausha Larsen
9:05Prayer: By Invitation
9:15Speaker: Wayne May—Book of Mormon Archaeology: Demonstrating North America is the Promised Land
10:15Speaker: Amberli Nelson—Charity Re-examined in View of The Restoration
10:55Musical Number: Savior Redeemer of my Soul—Performed by Spencer Morley
11:00Speaker: George Thomas—Testimonies of the Book of Mormon
11:45Lunch Break
12:45Speaker: George Potter—Discovering Lehi’s Trail (Live Zoom Meeting)
1:45Speaker: Josh Gehly—What is the Gospel? Comparing the New Testament and Book of Mormon
2:45Musical Number: El Shaddai—Performed by Sariah Larsen
2:55Speaker: Adrian Larsen—Thy Watchmen Shall Lift up the Voice: Christ’s Most Under-Appreciated Sermon
3:55Speaker: Frank Frye—Eight Pillars of Evidence for the Divinity of the Book of Mormon
4:55Speaker: Denver Snuffer—Joseph, Joseph, Joseph
5:55 Closing Song: Piano Performance by Adam Redd
6:00Closing Prayer
6:30Picnic at Hillsdale Park—5155 Howry Lane, Meridian Idaho


Wayne N. May will present “Book of Mormon Archaeology: Demonstrating North America is the Promised Land.” This will be a fascinating journey of LECTURE and SLIDES through North America, comparing the Nephites in the Book of Mormon to the ancient culture known as the Hopewell people or the Mound Builders.  The Earthworks and Mounds described by the Prophet Alma can be easily demonstrated amongst the ruins of the Hopewell culture stretching from Missouri to Western New York.  The material presented will be supported by Book of Mormon scripture, quotes from Joseph Smith, and Native American Oral Traditions. Bring your Book of Mormon!

Wayne joined the LDS church as a convert in 1970. He is a former Bishop, Seminary Instructor, High Priest Quorum President, Temple Veil worker etc.  He and his wife, Kristine, publish the magazine Ancient American, now in their 28th year of publication, which covers the pre-Columbian Americas.  He is also the author of five books on ancient American archaeology as it relates to Book of Mormon. He has been lecturing presenting firesides from coast to coast on “One Hill Cumorah Only” since 1993. Attended University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Sociology. Wayne and Kristine are parents to 7 children and grandparents to 22.

Amberli Gustin Nelson will present “Charity Re-examined In View of The Restoration.” Amberli was raised in Boise, Idaho where she discovered a deep love of history and ancient scripture, particularly the Book of Mormon. 

She attended BYU on a basketball scholarship where she earned All WAC honors and graduated with a BS in Sociology. Later, she received a Masters Degree from CUI in Athletic Administration. 

A voracious reader, researcher and truth seeker, Amberli has presented her research and writings throughout the US and Europe on a variety of topics including Book of Mormon archeology, The American Covenant and Exploring Hebraisms in the Heartland of North America.

Amberli is a mother of seven, a grandmother of two and currently lives in Salem Utah where she is a real estate agent. In her free time she loves to cycle, travel, and spend time in the beautiful mountains with her loved ones.

George Potter will present “Discovering Lehi’s Trail.” He is the author of 6 books and 13 films on the Book of Mormon and biblical discoveries in Arabia, and is the editor of a monthly newsletter on Book of Mormon research. His articles on the “Valley of Lemuel” (1999) and “Lehi’s Trail” (2007) have been published in the Maxwell Institute’s (FARMS/BYU) Journal of Book of Mormon Studies. Highlights of his research are presented on his website, He has presented this interesting information all over the Intermountain West and West Coast, as well as for multiple universities, organizations, foundations and societies.

George graduated with high honors from the University of California at San Diego and then received a master’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley and became a certified public accountant. He later did a DBAabd at Nova Southeastern University.  George spent 27 years in Arabia, but now resides with his family in Elk Ridge, Utah.

Joshua Gehly will present “What is the Gospel? Comparing the New Testament and Book of Mormon.” Josh is an Evangelist of The Church of Jesus Christ, headquartered in Monongahela, Pennsylvania and the presiding minister of his local church in Erie, Pennsylvania.  His current missionary efforts include nationwide youth programs as well as overseeing international missionary efforts in Guatemala.  In 2018, he started the Book of Mormon History podcast to bridge the gap between Book of Mormon scholars and believers:  He and his beautiful wife, Brianne, are proud parents of two children.  An entrepreneur, Joshua co-owns Green Lighting LED, an LED lighting OEM.  

Frank Frye will present “Eight Pillars of Evidence for the Divinity of the Book of Mormon.”

Frank Frye was born in Independence, Missouri and comes from five generations in the Restoration. He and his wife Patti have three children and two grandsons. At age 18 he made his first trip to Mexico to seek a deeper testimony of the Book of Mormon, its lands and people. He spent two years studying Spanish and anthropology at the University of the Americas in Mexico City and Puebla. University studies include Spanish, Chemistry, Education and Vocational Education. 

He has served as an ordained minister in the RLDS church for 54 years and given ministry in 17 countries in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe. He has labored in translation work in Latin America and is currently directing the translation of the Book of Mormon into Swahili for East Africa. Also working with several other people on a new Spanish translation as well as Portuguese translation for publication in the poetic format of the Restored Covenant Edition. He and Patti have lived and ministered in central and southern Mexico for 16 years as well as 17 years in the Rio Grande Valley on the Texas / Mexico border. They now live in Independence, Missouri.

George Thomas will present “Testimonies of the Book of Mormon.”

George Thomas was converted to the Gospel at the age of 16 in southern California and has been doing missionary work since that time.

He has served as an ordained minister since 1963. His love for Gospel is only surpassed by the joy sharing his testimony brings him. He has traveled to 23 different countries preaching and teaching of Christ.

George met his late wife of 58 years at Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa. He earned Baccalaureate and Masters Degrees in sociology at the University of Central Missouri and worked for 25 years as a medical social worker while developing the “Fishermen’s’ Club” program, pastoring a congregation, and raising four children.

He comes from Oak Grove, Missouri to highlight modern testimonies of the Book of Mormon and the effective use of this missionary tool.

Adrian Larsen will speak on the topic of “Thy Watchmen Shall Lift up the Voice: Christ’s Most Under-appreciated Sermon.” This will be an interactive scripture study, so bring your Book of Mormon.

Adrian has had a lifelong passion for the Book of Mormon. He was raised in the LDS church and served a mission in North Carolina. He holds degrees from BYU and Logan University of Health Sciences, and is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Acupuncturist. As an entrepreneur, his business develops and markets technology solutions for alternative healthcare.

Adrian and his family now worship with a local independent fellowship group of believers. He was part of the project that produced a hebraic-friendly version of the Book of Mormon now available at His current project is a full translation of the Book of Mormon into Biblical Hebrew. He also blogs at He and his wife Tausha are parents of seven, and expecting their first two grandchildren during the same week later this year.

Denver Snuffer will present, “Joseph, Joseph, Joseph.” Denver has written 22 volumes on Mormonism and restoration history.  He spent a year delivering a series of 10 lectures on the restoration in 5 states, which then resulted in a book based on the ten lectures titled “Preserving the Restoration”.  He worked on a series of lectures and website to advocate that Joseph Smith is a significant Christian figure, and a Christian does not need to join a Mormon congregation to find value in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  Since 2012, he has delivered a number of papers at the Sunstone Symposium in Salt Lake City and has spoken at previous years of this conference.

Denver was part of the group that produced the Restoration Edition of the Scriptures, including the most accurate versions of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith Translation ever published, available at He also blogs at He practices law in Salt Lake City, and has 9 children and 13 grandchildren.